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Planning Your Education

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PowerSource — A community-focused customer support portal for all PowerSchool products. PowerSource is available to all district and school staff, including teachers, administrators and IT staff. As students move through the school system, they continue to refine all of their foundational skills as they explore a wider variety of texts and technologies. The vast amounts of information that are available through both print and the Internet and the ability to communicate with wide and varied audiences around the globe have expanded the ways our students read and communicate. Literacy for our students today also means preparing them to be critical and ethical consumers of information. Application forms, test schedules and resources to help adults who did not finish high school, but through the acquisition of skills and experience may now earn the Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate.

SCC looks for ways to guide students toward the professional opportunities available in skilled trade and technology fields. SCMB promotes skilled trades and technology as a first choice career option to young Manitobans. Try visiting Work BC’s Job Seekers or Career Cruising, both of which are intended to help you identify what potential career and therefore post-secondary training you may want to pursue based on your interests. The First Nations Schools Association has a membership with Career Cruising, contact your local First Nations Schoolfor Career login and password information. Work BC’s Explore Careers page allows people to search by job title, education or salary to learn about what an occupation does, education required, employment prospects, and more.

links about education

Its goal is to reduce the needless loss of life, injuries and damages caused by highway/railway crossing collisions and train/pedestrian incidents. The French as a First Language program is designed for Francophones who want their children to continue their education in French. UNICEF – Convention on the Rights of the ChildThe Convention on the Rights of the Child is the most rapidly and widely ratified international human rights treaty in history. Many students take a university or college course without knowing what their ultimate career aspirations are. Some courses might be taken but never utilized towards a full degree.

Education And Early Childhood Development

Mathletics— A captivating online math learning space providing students with all the tools they need to be successful learners, both in the classroom and beyond. Early Years Evaluation— Assess four and five domains closely associated with readiness to learn at school. A treasure trove of online exhibits, images, events and activities celebrating the stories that have come to define Canada over the centuries. Information on issues including bullying, eating disorders, drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Links for Students Please read our policy on links to external sites. Help on such important youth issues as bullying, eating disorders, drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

From the British Columbia’s Open School, this site contains the Distance Education Guidebook and other information about courses and programs of study for correspondence students. The McCord Museum of Canadian History introduces EduWeb, its new on-line educational program. EduWeb is accessible free of charge and presents diverse ways of using Web resources in secondary-level history classes. A broad collection of online exhibits, images, events and activities celebrating the stories and treasures that have come to define Canada over the centuries.

Alberta Education defines literacy as the ability, confidence and willingness to engage with language to acquire, construct and communicate meaning in all aspects of daily living. Language is explained as a socially and culturally constructed system of communication. Program in which people between 17 and 29 live and work in communities in Canada and overseas, learning about local and international development and gaining essential job skills. Links to information and resources for parents and caregivers of children with special needs. The purpose of this organization is to assist parents in getting the education they want for their children with special needs.

Online Data Management System — For teachers and administrators to collect, share, and analyze assessment data and monitor student progress. Explore exhibits, galleries, events, fun and games to learn about the stories and treasures of Canada. Features on health matters including weight, nutrition and specific health conditions from the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport. This Government of Canada guide promotes the benefits of healthy eating, regular physical activity and healthy weights and shows you how to manage them so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Interacting With Schools

In collaboration with our Nation Schools, courses offer exceptional flexibility and an ever-expanding range of core subjects to accommodate the various educational needs with a focus on Inquiry and Land-Based Learning. Please clickhereto view information about the online school mobile app. If you are an Ontario resident, 16 years or older, and not currently in secondary school, you can still continue working towards your high school diploma by taking distance education courses through theILC.

It is committed to prioritizing the needs of countries/organizations/individuals who have limited access to basic information and resources. The Canadian Red Cross mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is in force around the world. It is designed to protect the lives and dignity of children . The Convention on the Rights of the child tries to make sure that children and youth live in conditions that help them grow up happy and healthy. Choosing the university, college, or institute that you want to attend is a big decision.

  • Literacy has traditionally been thought of as reading and writing.
  • A broad collection of online exhibits, images, events and activities celebrating the stories and treasures that have come to define Canada over the centuries.
  • PowerSource — A community-focused customer support portal for all PowerSchool products.

This page and all contents are copyright, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, all rights reserved. Saskatchewan Curriculum — Documents the provides direction for supporting student achievement of the broad areas of learning and the cross-curricular competencies. Reading A-Z — Thousands of downloadable, projectable, printable teacher materials, covering all the skills necessary for effective reading instruction. Pearson Portal — Pearson School eText is an easy-to-use database of content available to you anytime and anywhere that you have internet access. Students and teachers log in using unique information to access all of their content.

Harm Reduction Training In Manitoba Aims At Workforce Development In Face Of Mental Health And Addictions Surge

Listens, problem solves, mediates complaints, negotiates with service providers or government officials, networks with the community and intercedes on behalf of children, youth or young adults when they cannot speak for themselves. A downloadable collection of resources for families on inclusive education. Canadian Children’s Rights CouncilThe Canadian Children’s Rights Council, is a non-profit, non-governmental educational and advocacy organization concerned with Canadian children’s human rights and responsibilities. Here you will find information on federal and provincial family law, as well as detailed information on the U.N. CAFCE is a resource for educators, students and employers interested in the co-operative education process.

This is also a great time to instill good environmental and climate ‘habits’, like turning lights and electronics off when not in use, and reducing waste. It’s never too early to help students understand that the energy and resources we use to help make our lives better are precious and should not be wasted. Operation Lifesaver is a national public education program.

links about education

LINKS Institute is your source for certificate level training by professionals designed to give you what you need to start or boost your career. As students get older, they can progressively learn more about the underlying causes and complexities of our most pressing environmental issues including climate change. TEA Online School — Treaty Education Alliance Online School is part of our family of schools and offers an unique approach to online education.

Activities grouped by topic and age level, plus links to books, articles and other parenting resources. Parent association committed to the quality of education in Ontario’s Catholic schools. See Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates and check for location, program and service closures, cancellations and changes. The French Immersion program is designed for native English-speaking students who want to be educated in French. In this program, French is mainly used in classrooms to communicate.

As a LINKS Institute certificate is easily attainable (with hard work!), you’ll receive credit in return for a short 6-month commitment. No need to relocate to a larger community centre to purse education after high school. SMART — SMART Exchange is a one-stop destination designed to provide teachers with access to all of SMART’s learning resources and the opportunity to connect with colleagues in a professional community. As the voice of Agriculture in the Classroom Ontario, AgScape provides factual, balanced, curriculum-linked food literacy programs and resources to Ontario’s educators and students. Literacy has traditionally been thought of as reading and writing. Although these are essential components of literacy, today our understanding of literacy encompasses much more.

The Avon Maitland Distance Education Centre offers a wide selection of Ontario Secondary School Credits online, as well as an Online Cooperative Education program. Information and resources for David Suzuki’s “Nature Challenge” program as tailored for youngsters. Canada’s interactive environmental web site for students of all ages.


Be aware of our news, events and learn more about our region. For resources by subject area, hover over this tab, then click on a subject from the drop-down menu. Use of this site signifies your agreement and compliance with the legal disclaimer and privacy policy. COSL provides leadership and support to all principals and vice-principals in their areas of responsibility as school leaders.

TheNewfoundland and Labrador Department of Education is responsible for putting in place a structure to provide education for more than 76,000 K-12 and post-secondary students. The Department encourages and promotes lifelong learning for all citizens of Newfoundland and Labrador. Project ParticipateSuccess stories and practical solutions to enhance learning, teaching, and the full inclusion of students with disabilities in the classroom.

Read more about Education links here. EcoKids is Earth Day Canada’s environmental education program for youth who care about the planet. Ontario’s most extensive distance education network, Contact North is used by secondary schools, colleges, and universities to provide residents of Northern Ontario access to courses at more than 150 sites. United Kingdom Enabling Education Network EENET provides access to a unique and broad based body of expertise and experience in the practice of inclusive education worldwide.

Courses designed to be relevant and applicable to health & social service settings in Manitoba. ROVER — Recommended Online Video Education Resources is a video streaming service for Saskatchewan teachers and students in the PreK-12 education system. It is managed and maintained by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.

You will find articles, cases, newsletters and resources about many topics, including a section on advocacy for parents. CEA links students, parents, educators, researchers, writers, business, government, school administrators—and everyone who values education as a fundamental pillar of our society. A not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing together business, education, government, labour, policy makers and the community to develop partnerships that strengthen public education in Canada. You could also try contacting the Aboriginal Student Services offices at public post-secondary institutions for career and program advice. Please visit the Strengthening Connections website for more information. If you’re interested in entering the health & social service field as a support worker, you’ve just arrived home.

This site connects to youth programming and over 200 services and programs offered by the Government of Manitoba. MASS provides leadership for public education by advocating in the best interests of learners. This site is a resource for careers in skilled trades and why choosing those careers is desirable. CARS addresses the human resource training and development needs of the Canadian automotive repair and service industry. LINKS Institute is Manitoba’s newest Private Vocational Institute. We were developed with online learning in mind, and our goal is to help you succeed in your chosen career field.

To start, it is helpful to consider the types of post-secondary institutions in BC, which includes universities, colleges and institutes. You’ll also want to learn about the differences between public and private post-secondary institutions. MFNERC provides certain resources free of charge to First Nations educators working in Manitoba. Unlike traditional diplomas or degrees that might require a commitment of years, certificate programs at LINKS can be completed in as short a time as 6 months. Study your courses online from the comfort of your own home without having to relocate.

Knowing that you want to go to post-secondary, but not knowing what you want to study, or how to get the skills and knowledge necessary for your dream career is a common concern for many people. Our instructors are specialists in health & social service provision and have hands on, practical experience in the things they are teaching you. The focus for younger students should be on connecting with nature, and understanding the interconnections among plants, animals, ecosystems – and themselves.

The Independent Learning Centre provides a distance education program, in English and in French, for Ontario residents who want to earn secondary school diploma credits, upgrade basic skills, or study for personal development. The following are links to special education sites and organizations that support the special needs of children and their families. USA WrightslawParents, advocates, educators and attorneys come to Wrightslaw for information about special education law in the United States and advocacy for children with disabilities.