Just how to try to find documents of. Uk armed forces gallantry medals

Just how to try to find documents of. Uk armed forces gallantry medals

How to see the documents covered in this guide?

Exactly how many are online?

1. Why make use of this guide?

Once you know of somebody who received a Uk armed forces medal or prize for the work of bravery, gallantry or even for meritorious solution between 1854 and c1990 and you also desire to learn whether an archive associated with honor and just why it absolutely was granted exist, this guide is likely to be of good use. Among the list of many medals and prizes included in the guide would be the:

For suggestions about civilian gallantry honors consult our Civilian gallantry medals guide. You will find separate documents for the honor of campaign medals (granted solely for service) – see our Army that is british campaign solution medals guide for suggestions about finding these.

2. The records of gallantry medals and honors

2.1 Public announcements

Pretty much all gallantry honors to British nationals are publicly announced into the formal federal government paper, the London Gazette. This announcement that is public usually the only record that endures of an honor. Notices additionally showed up, where appropriate, within the colonial or dominion gazettes.

2.2 tips and citations

A suggestion is really a statement that is full frequently furnished by a commanding officer, of why a medal must be granted to a person.

A citation is a quick formal statement, obtained from the recommendation, of why a medal had been granted.

Whether an archive of the citation or even a suggestion survives depends, mainly, in the form of honor. Sporadically citations are posted into the London Gazette however constantly during the date that is same the statement. A citation or suggestion may often endure into the solution record associated with the person.

2.3 Registers

For many medals you will find registers and listings of recipients addressing a certain war, 12 months or array of years.

3. Where to find documents

Learn where you can search for records of a specific medal by consulting the dining dining table below. The next basic advice will additionally help you to get started:

3.1 on the web records

In many cases, to look at records you need to find document sources and either https://datingstreet.net/adam4adam-review/ purchase copies or check us out to look at the documents that are original individual. The next records, nevertheless, can be looked at or downloaded on the web.

3.2 fundamental search methods for finding documents that are original

You can make use of our catalogue to look for records. Search aided by the name of a medal with the advanced level search to target the documents regarding the particular record divisions for every branch regarding the army, the following.

3.3 Public notices and posted citations

In many situations, the place that is best to start out could be the London Gazette, available from the Gazette site, though for all medals a citation had not been posted (start to see the table below for medal-by-medal details). You are able to search the Gazette by title, solution number, book type and date of honor. You shall must know approximately once the prize ended up being announced or ‘gazetted’. There is constantly a delay between your gallant deed, the real prize of the medal, and book into the London Gazette. The Gazette indexes offered by The National Archives can help establish a romantic date.

3.4 tips, registers and unpublished citations

Check always posted sources, like those into the further reading area of this guide, as they may provide exact document references and additional information before you start a search for records of recommendations or citations. The table below provides links to your record series many more likely to include informative data on specific honors.

3.5 dining dining dining Table of record sources for gallantry medals

Click the London Gazette links to find the Gazette by title, solution quantity, book type and date of honor. Click the document show sources and search by name of medal. The records that are online be searched by title of receiver.

Footnotes: (1) guidelines in AIR 2 are arranged by old Air Ministry file guide quantity, not title. Contact the Ministry of Defence whom could possibly give you the file guide.

Keep in mind medals given by the British Army are not awarded solely to British Army soldiers – they are often granted to workers through the other services that are armed. Some members of the Royal Air Force received British Army awards during the Second World War, for example. Exactly the same will also apply to the Royal Navy and RAF, to ensure that, for instance, a true wide range of airmen regarding the Fleet Air Arm, a branch associated with the Royal Navy, received RAF honors.

4. International honors to Britons and British prizes to international servicemen and ladies (from 1854)

4.1 Notices

These honors are generally established within the London Gazette underneath the heading ‘Foreign Orders’.

For draft versions of London Gazette notices 1914-1928 browse WO 388 by guide. Many of these announcements that are pre-publication annotated. The papers in this series (WO 388) are arranged by country. WO 388/6 to 15, including indexes in WO 388/8 to 15, can be obtained to download online (you can install the indexes totally free).

4.2 Guidelines

Military honors exchanged between Uk and international armies from 1946 onwards are searchable by title and honor when you look at the suggestions (WO 373) on the web. These could consist of those maybe not showing up within the London Gazette.

4.3 Listings

You’ll find some lists of international honors within FO 83 (before 1906) and FO 372 (after 1906). Select files containing these listings utilizing the Foreign workplace communication indexes during the National Archives. It really is believed why these lists aren’t comprehensive.

5. Laws and policy files (from 1854)

Generally speaking, you can easily search our catalogue by the medal title or its abbreviation to see if you can find any policy files. There are numerous series that is specific document the laws regulating the honor of medals.

For policy files on medals, see series ADM 1 rule 85, ADM 116 rule 85, AIR 1, AIR 2, HO 45 rule 30, MT 9 rule 6, T 300 and T 333 and WO 32 rule 50.

6. The manufacture and design of medals (1805-1986)

Sales for gallantry medals (especially within the nineteenth century) might be combined with information on recipients as well as the action that resulted in the honor. Take to show MINT 16, MINT 20, MINT 24 and MINT 25. Re Search our catalogue with key term such as for instance ‘awards’ or ‘decorations’.

7. Replacing and claiming medals

Contact the Ministry of Defence for campaign as well as other medals given after 1939. Medals given before 1939 can no further be changed.

8. Further reading and other resources

Online learning resources

The Ministry of Defence’s british forces that are armed booklet, offered by GOV.UK. Listings the medals awarded for service within the british forces that are armed combined with a picture for every single medal.

Listings of Victoria Cross recipients announced within the Gazette when it comes to very first World War in 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918 and 1919.


Go to the National Archives’ bookshop for a variety of available magazines about Uk armed forces gallantry medals. All the publications listed here are obtainable in The nationwide Archives’ Library for assessment at our building in Kew.

Peter Edwards Abbott and John Michael Allen Tamplin, British Gallantry prizes (London, 1981)

Michael Maton, Honour The Recipents of Foreign honors (Honiton: Token Publishing 2013)

William Spencer, Army Records for Family Historians (3nd edn, The nationwide Archives, 2008)