6 Apps to boost Your Sex-life. Takeaway: These sex-themed apps prove the old concept that there actually are apps for everything!

6 Apps to boost Your Sex-life. Takeaway: These sex-themed apps prove the old concept that there actually are apps for everything!

Takeaway: These sex-themed apps prove the old concept that there actually are apps for every thing!

Purists might argue that cellular phones don’t have any spot into the room, however with one out of five people that are young to having fun with their phones during intercourse, it really is clear that not everybody agrees. It’s loaded with these sexy, educational apps if you can’t bear to put your phone aside for some nookie, at least make sure. (and when you are into high-tech intercourse, it’s also wise to take a look at Get Your Geek On – to get down!)


Kahnoodle areas itself much a lot more of a relationships app than the usual sex application, however it comes with a crucial component to play in the event that you desire to arrive at the bed room. It will help partners recall the art of love with electronic love “koupons” and thank-you records referred to as “kudos”. Do enough thoughtful things for your lover to help keep your “love tank” full.

A lot of the application is focused around sweetness, but koupons for bubble bathrooms and an accepted destination for secret instant communications have actually sensual potential. The additional injection of relationship also needs to allow you to feel similar to closeness.

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Kahnoodle can be acquired for the iPhone, iPad, and Touch that is iPod it really is free. Its creators are set to launch A android os software quickly too.


Calling all intercourse geeks! Ever wonder exactly what your loving is similar to for the partner? If the feedback your spouse provides is not specific enough, Spreadsheets may be the software for you personally. It makes use of your phone’s accelerometer and microphone to investigate your intercourse rate, thrusts per moment, and also exactly exactly how loudly you groan.

Spreadsheets also incorporates a calendar function for scheduling in sexy time and cataloging unforgettable trysts. Competitive kinds will probably love the scoring system, which awards 10 points for morning quickies and 20 for leisurely week-end sessions.

Spreadsheets can be acquired for the iPhone, iPad, and Touch that is iPod for1.99.


If most of the information supplied by Spreadsheets is a little too technical for your needs, Passion might match you better. It likewise judges the duration of the intimate encounters, the effectiveness of your thrusting, in addition to amount of your sexual climaxes. Then, it condenses all this work information as a score that is simple of 10.

Needless to say, its not all madly thrusting fan by having an ear-shattering scream is actually worth a higher rating, but this application is an enjoyable gimmick. If you’re feeling good about your rating it is possible to also compare it with other partners around the globe.

Passion can be obtained for the iPhone, iPad, and Touch that is iPod for cents.

Sexual Interest

Sexual drive utilizes binaural beats technology to enhance your sex-life. These beats of varied frequencies are reported to be scientifically calibrated to influence mind waves and emotions that are arouse the listener. The jury’s still out on the effectiveness of binaural beats, but the app’s cheap enough for anyone interested to take a gamble without any large-scale research.

It’s additionally well well well worth noting that sexual interest ended up being made for guys, even though the creators claim ladies “may have satisfaction” from the sound as well. Scientific or perhaps not, if you were to think sexy, sexy things are bound to take place.

Sexual drive is present when it comes to iPhone, iPad and ipod itouch for $1.99.


The Eastern that is ancient lovemaking of Kama Sutra moved electronic because of the launch associated with the iKamaSutra software. Users ought to master a lot more than 100 intimate jobs in nine groups, also to advance from novice to Kama Sutra master. Exhibitionists may also share achievements with Facebook and Twitter buddies!

It may are considered too saucy for iTunes, nevertheless the simple, silhouetted illustrations ensure there’s nothing too scandalous relating to this application. It aims to notify instead than titillate, with clear guidelines and associated diagrams showing the Kama Sutra’s time-honored roles. You are able to save your self your positions that are favorite decide to try once more later on or place the ones that intrigue you on your own to-do list.

The complete type of iKamaSutra, with additional roles and three-dimensional pictures, can be obtained for Android os products and Windows phones for $2.99. a totally free lite variation is additionally available. (Or check out Kinkly’s really sex that is own Playlist. Just sayin’ . )


Safer intercourse is sexy intercourse. The iCondom software aims to help make your sex life safer by becoming the world’s biggest condom circulation map to make sure you’ll never ever be caught without contraception once more. The software is really an effort that is joint its creators and MTV’s Staying Alive campaign, a global initiative that promotes HIV avoidance and safe life style alternatives.

iCondom utilizes GPS technology to trace your local area. After that it maps your nearest condom dispensers and merchants. Users can truly add extra places and comment on dispensaries with details such as for instance opening hours or out-of-order devices.

iCondom can be obtained when it comes to iPhone, iPad, and Touch that is iPod for.

Sexy Vibes

Aided by the advent of vibrating band tones it absolutely was just a matter of minutes before some body (formally) switched our smart phones into adult sex toys. The creators of Sexy Vibes have inked it and much more than 1 feet chat.5 million fans are happy they did!

The application provides loads of vibrating modes such as the mild “Fluffy Bunny” in addition to intense “Washing Machine.” You can also handy remote control the phones of other people making use of the app, and speak to them. How’s that for the night that is sexy? (Just be sure you spend money on a waterproof instance before firing this application up!)

Sexy Vibes is present for Android os devices free of charge.

Spice It Up

There is nothing incorrect with including a brand new device to spice your sex life up, but whether you choose up an adult toy or your smartphone, it must never take the show. The actual miracle will likely be you and your phone between you and your partner, not.